David Cooper


Based out of Philadelphia, PA, David Cooper believes that he is a balanced blend of Neo-Soul, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Alternative, and Classical wrapped in good vibes and portraying an even greater message. He draws his inspiration from God and subsequent to that, people. He is an anthropologist by nature. People amuse, inspire, and confuse him all the time. Yet, a greater story is at work. He seeks to create music that brings to life things we as humans go through, yet fear to discuss. David makes all those who are willing to listen transparent, and prayerfully brings everyone to the table to talk and walk through this thing we call "everyday living".

David's music inspires one to keep listening to his music. His soulful, artistic and spiritual style is consistently present in all of his music. David  pushes the technical boundaries of what music could and should be.

David has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Production from the University of Valley Forge; and a minor in Business Management. He has also toured 3 consecutive years with the traveling ministry teams from the university, leading a team his senior year.